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A parody of the adventures of Jack Reacher, the action hero created by Lee Child, Jack Bleacher introduces us to a new hero and propels him into the heart of a devilish plot set deep in the badlands of New Mexico.

jack Bleacher



"Beware, Bleacher. There is an old saying in this valley: 'Un hombre con el melón, es un hombre fuerte'. A man with melons is a man with power."



Welcome to the world of Jack Bleacher. Any resemblance to a fictional character, living or dead, is entirely deliberate.

I enjoy the work of Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels and short stories, but, like any other larger-than-life character, Reacher is ripe for parody.

Jack Bleacher takes our hero to a ghost town deep in the New Mexico desert. Framed for murder, Bleacher must earn the trust of the beautiful lady sheriff (is there any other kind?) and battle assorted bikers, scofflaws, evil nerds, and a ruthless melon farmer to clear his name. He must also uncover a secret in the town’s dark heart and solve a mystery - what exactly is going on in the smelly old factory, and what does Bleacher have to do to stop it?

Jack Bleacher is now available on Amazon.

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