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The blog of Stephen Arnott (aka S J Arnott). Writer of the Leofric Dark Age adventures and Jack Bleacher.

Just Published 'Leofric: Land of the Franks'

Stephen Arnott

Published earlier this month, Leofric: Land of the Franks is the sequel to Sword of the Angles, but you don't have to have read Sword to pick up on the action in this new instalment...

The story starts in the aftermath of King Hygelac's raid on Frisia. Hygelac, King of the Geats (the people who occupied much of southern Sweden in the 6th-century) was a real historical figure, and his raid is well documented event that took place around AD 520. It's always been a puzzle to historians why such a large fleet would travel so far afield to loot such a well defended area, and at least one academic has proposed a conspiracy theory to explain it (see 'Storms, G. The Significance of Hygelac’s Raid, Nottingham Mediaeval Studies 14,3-26 1970'). 

Hygelac was also supposedly the uncle of the legendary hero, Beowulf, and his epic poem describes some of the dramatic events that took place during the raid, a few of which are retold in this story.

Although the raid was a success in its initial stages, I won't be giving too much away if I say that things didn't turn out as well as expected. As a consequence, Leofric ends up alone and friendless on a foreign shore, and has to forge new friendships and complete a bizarre quest before he can find the road to freedom...

If this has sparked your interest, please click on the image above to be taken to Amazon. If you do, I hope you enjoy it.