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Ketingas Press

Ketingas Press is the electronic imprint of Stephen Arnott. It publishes the Leofric Dark Age adventures, the Jack Bleacher parody, The Writers' Guide and more.

Ketingas Press


Ketingas Press is the electronic imprint I set up to publish my own ebooks.

The name ‘Ketingas’ is taken from the fictional village the features in my Dark Age stories Leofric: Sacrifice and Leofric: Sword of the Angles. Find out more about Leofric.

Ketingas will also be releasing my novella Jack Bleacher, a parody of you-know-who. Find out more about Bleacher.

Ketingas Press currently publishes The Writers' Guide, an ebook offering advice and information on every aspect of the writers’ craft across multiple genres. Find out more about The Writers' Guide.

Last, but not least, Ketingas Press has also published ebook versions of Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies: 1788 and Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies: 1793.

Published between 1757 to 1795, Harris’s List was an annual directory of London prostitutes. Hugely popular in their time, the lists detail the looks, character, services and, occasionally, life histories, of around 100 professional ladies working in and around London’s Covent Garden, an area notorious for loose living in the 18th century.

Each ebook is fully annotated to explain the slang, local references and literary allusions that pepper the text of these volumes. They're a must read for anyone interested in 18th century history and an ideal reference for anyone writing about this period.

You can find both these volumes on Amazon:

You can find out more about all these books in the FAQ on the About page.

If you’d like to be added to a mailing list that will keep you informed about future releases by Ketingas Press, please follow this link.

For details of other books I've published, go to Other imprints.