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Leofric: Sword of the Angles is a Dark Age historical adventure set in Angeln on the Jutland Peninsular of Denmark. Also in the Leofric series is the short-story Leofric: Sacrifice.

The Leofric Series

Set around AD 520 against the background of Germanic migrations, the Leofric Series describes the adventures of Leofric, son of Radulf of the Three Ships as treachery and misadventure uproot him from his ancestral home in Angeln, and set his feet on the path to the New Kingdom - the Angle-lands of Roman Britain.


Continuing on from ‘Leofric: Sword of the Angles’, ‘Land of the Franks’ sees Leofric join the hero Beowulf on a raid against the Franks of northern Gaul. In the aftermath of battle, Leofric finds himself alone in a hostile land and has to forge new alliances, and complete a bizarre quest before he can tread the path to freedom.


Denmark, AD 520. Fearing invasion, Cynefrid, the King of Angeln, summons a muster of fighting men to his eastern stronghold. Thegn Eadwig and his nephew, Leofric, answer the call, but they quickly become embroiled in the intrigues of the kingdom and a violent encounter leads to Leofric being charged with murder. This bloody act heaps ruin on Leofric and his family, and he is forced to flee to a remote sanctuary where he recovers his strength and plans the revenge that will ultimately reclaim his birthright. 


(Short-Story). Denmark, AD 515. Leofric, a young Angle noble, goes hunting in the woods near his home and discovers the corpse of a woman. She has been murdered, and suspicion quickly falls on one of the victim's travelling companions. However, Leofric is less certain of the man's guilt and comes up with a plan to reveal the true killer.



Leofric: Land of the Franks,  Leofric: Sword of the Angles and Leofric: Sacrifice are now all available on Amazon.

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