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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

The Ketingas Press editorial board (above) would like to offer their sincere thanks to all the enterprises and individuals who have contributed funds to us over the years...


Mode de Owl


Aficionados of the recent ‘Owl Craze’ will be delighted to patronise this fashionable boutique in the heart of the exclusive Barrio de Salamanca. You may bring your own owls for processing, or choose from this establishment’s unrivalled range of nocturnal avians.



Are you ashamed by your poor posture and lack of bearing? Fear not, the redoubtable ‘Claudio’, Canada's most celebrated chiropractor, has developed an infallible cure – the Post-Ure-Rite Iron Mantle (pictured below). Those wishing to sample this miracle should stand on the corner of Bancroft Avenue and Huron Street where a boy will be sent to meet you.


Colonel Philbert and 'Mipsy' Comical Pals

(New York, NY)

This pair of swells will keep you in stitches with their quick-paced backchat and humorous songs. Will the mirthful Mipsy ever raise a smile from the lugubrious Colonel – you betcha!

See them every night (excluding Thursdays and Shrove Tuesdays) at Mulroony's Tavern (8:00 till 12:00).


The Rappahannock River Gentlemen’s Hat Club

(Fredericksburg, VA)

Devotes of masculine millinery will flock to the idyllic and secluded Goat Island to meet with other likeminded individuals on regular weekend camping trips.

Sorry ladies, our dress-code forbids the presence of the fairer sex!



‘Lillibet the Lifeguard’


Fair Lillibet (Miss Elizabeth Throgmorton, late of the Pudsy Public Baths, Liverpool) has entertained thousands with amusing anecdotes of her lifesaving escapades. Watch her re-enact her most daring rescues and thrill at the sight of her backstroke, deep-breathing exercises, and jellyfish float.


The Gatsby Asylum


Home to some of Australia’s most celebrated lunatics, the Gatsby Asylum combines the comfort of five-star accommodation and service, with a restorative regimen of daily ice-baths, mustard enemas and electric shocks. Dozens have swiftly declared themselves cured and ‘flown the cuckoo’s nest’ after this enervating prescription.